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Act as an Entrepreneur

What does it mean?

Acting as an entrepreneur means being results-driven as if it was one's own company.

Acting as an entrepreneur means showing strong commitment and having a sense of ownership: all the projects on which your are working are yours. You make them successful through your personal initiative and drive.

It also means having an impact and leaving your personal footprint on the results, performance and sustainability of Saint-Gobain.

To do so, you need to have the courage to take risks and make decisions to advance the results and performance of the Group.

Finally acting as an entrepreneur relates to being an active part of change and showing enthusiasm for it.

Why is it important?

Saint-Gobain is evolving more than ever in a changing business environment. While it is essential to stay true to our Principles of Conduct and Action, we also need to change our perspective on risk-taking and initivative.

Acting as an internal entrepreneur within the Saint-Gobain Group is having the right mindset to align our strong values with the necessity to go forward in today's world. <<Intrapreneurship>> is now needed to foster our dynamic growth, change and innovation.

As such, it gives to each and everyone the opportunity to develop one’s leadership skills while inspiring change.

Key Features & Examples of Observable Behaviours

  • Be results-driven as if it was one’s own company

  • Focus on performance and results whatever your position or function in the Saint-Gobain organisation (results are not only the concern of Sales teams)
  • Set ambitious goals, define priorities, draft clear rules and be demanding at all times

  • Get things done: Keep up with the roadmap and take opportunities when they show up

  • Adapt to a rapidly developing and changing business

  • Make decisions, show courage and take risks

  • Open your heart and mind to new ideas

  • Come out of your comfort zone

  • Demonstrate ownership

  • Experiment with new things, be able to fail and learn quickly: quick cycles, test, prototypeAct as an Entrepreneur
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