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Be Agile

What does it mean?

This is the ability to be quick in action and mind. It means embracing change and being an active part of it.

This requires Saint-Gobain people to develop their self-awareness, the awareness of their team and of their environment (both inside and outside the organisation), knowing the strengths and ways of improvement of the people around them.

It also requires a lot of energy while ensuring two demands, to know the capabilities of ones team and always to adhere to a perspective of sustainable development.

Why is it important?

More than ever, Saint-Gobain is today facing new challenges: getting products to market quickly, adapting to new methods of communications, finding new ways to manage new generations, ensuring all Business Units have an adequate digital strategy.

Key Features & Examples of Observable Behaviours


  • Impose pace for making decisions
  • Be proactive, act quickly and embrace digitalisation
  • Set up and favour light and flexible structures within Saint-Gobain: light reporting, fast implementation, delegation, no micro-management


  • Be open to changes and actively contribute to make them happen
  • Move forward and keep focused on your goals
  • Increase your cultural understanding of local teams
  • Listen to the views of others


  • Self-awareness: Know your strengths and areas for improvement. Take time for self-reflection and self-assessment, to learn from mistakes and errors, and to reinforce strengths.
  • Awareness of the people around you: Know their strengths and areas for improvement, participate and organise teambuilding sessions, put yourself in their shoes, and network.
  • Awareness of the environment and of Saint-Gobain stakeholders: Know what is going on in your company and outside it, as well as the expectations and needs of the Group’s stakeholders.

New challenges will occur overtime. This uncertainty requires Saint-Gobain people, at all levels, to develop their agility while enhancing their ability to be dynamic, energetic, quick and flexible.

Be Agile

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