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Build an Open and Engaging Culture

What does it mean?

The first requirement, at all levels, is to be open-minded. This means accepting differences, being open to take both positive or negative feedback, being open to try new ways of working and collaborating (internally and externally), to create a safe space where each and every one can express themselves to boost team spirit.

This means developing a transversal approach whilst being collaborative, taking a global view and learning continuously.

Being true to our General Principles of Conduct and Action: being exemplary, having integrity, respect and trust.

Demonstrate an inclusive leadership which involves and develops people based on an open and meaningful dialogue.

Why is it important?

Today’s world is volatile, uncertain and complex bringing daily risks. It challenges us and pushes us out of our comfort zone. What is true yesterday or what is true today, will not be true tomorrow.

In the face of such a challenging environment, individualism or a battle of egos cannot be a sustainable solution. The answer comes from an ability to work collaboratively in an inclusive environment that enables innovation and agility. The ability to establish a supportive environment where each and everyone feels at ease, and is prepared to contribute and develop continuously becomes a key factor.

In this stressful environment it is necessary to combine emotion, fun and rationality.

Key Features & Examples of Observable Behaviours


  • Ensure safety and security in the workplace
  • Inspire, give meaning to and share the Group vision
  • Strive for well-being at work
  • Walk the talk and be exemplary: On a daily basis, embody values such as responsibility, integrity, kindness
  • Accept failures and learn from them
  • Cultivate empathy and put yourself in the shoes of others
  • Lead with courage but also with your heart
  • Take time to listen, support, and encourage
  • Recognise achievements


  • Respect others: Accept differences and take them as an opportunity for self-development
  • Leverage all types of diversity
  • Be open to new ideas and changes
  • Accept all feedback, whether positive or negative
  • Learn constantly from your experience


  • Promote and practice networking
  • Communicate and share proactively
  • Collaborate with others: With your usual colleagues as well as people beyond your normal scope (whether internal to Saint-Gobain or external)
  • Trust yourself and people around you
  • Learn continuously from your daily experiences to develop your true self
  • Integrate external resources/ partners in Saint-Gobain business
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