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Cultivate Customer Intimacy


What does it mean?

It means understainding, anticipating and meeting the fundamental needs of both internal and external customers at all times and at all levels of the organisation.

With this attitude, Saint-Gobain people show a strong focus to meet customers' needs while also being able to proactively provide creative solutions when necessary. To do so, Saint-Gobain people need to develop their empathy, i.e. their ability to put themselves in the shoes of the customer and change their perspective to understand the fundamental needs of others.

Why is it important?

Serving customers and markets by creating great living places and improving daily life demands the whole innovative potential of Saint-Gobain, and is one of the key objectives of the Group's strategy. It is essential to ensure Saint-Gobain's unique position in the market whilst perfectly understanding the evolving needs of the customers in a constantly changing environment.

Key Features & Examples of Observable Behaviours

Focus on customer experience

Cultivate customer intimacy (interviews, surveys, meetings, a deep dive into their reality to understand how they work and what they need, seeking their feedback...) with both external and internal customers.

Understand your customers' fundamental/core needs (put yourself in their shoes.)

Be solution oriented (there are no problems, there are only solutions!).

Cultivate Customer Intimacy

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