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What does it mean?

Innovate refers to the ability to be open and think differently.

It means thinking out of the box, being original and experimenting with new solutions.

It implies being future-orientated and anticipating changes in markets, customers and technologies.

Finally, it is the ability to promote a safe space where failure is accepted as being part of the game and where everyone can learn from it.

Why is it important?

Saint-Gobain is already in a rapidly changing world.

This requires the Group to constantly innovate to meet its challenges (i.e. integrating a diverse workforce and making it evolve, enabling cooperation with competitiors when the market requires it, questioning the past procedures to propose new ones, thinking of new ways to lead R&D through co-development...).

Key Features & Examples of Observable Behaviours

  • Be open & think differently
  • Transcend the usual routines and favour curiousity
  • Search for competencies outside of your usual scope
  • Promote and value the differences and the specificities of your colleagues/ collaborators
  • Work/exchange with difference generations and learn from them
  • Stretch your knowledge and competencies (multidiscipline)
  • Create a co-innovation ecosystem for new products and services (customers/ employees)
  • Promote the right to fail
  • Work in trial and error mode: Experiment, try new things, prototype your ideas (adopt Design Thinking)
  • Accept that failure is part of the game
  • Be resilient: Learn from failure


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