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Our CSR Approach


Our CSR Approach

Saint-Gobain creates and delivers innovative, high-performing solutions that enhance our habitat and daily life. Some of the best known and respected companies in the construction sector are part of Saint-Gobain. Read about how we engage with our stakeholders on CSR issues, how we manage CSR in our businesses and about some of our commitments.

Strong and long-standing commitments.
local action.

Our CSR Approach

Saint-Gobain UK & Ireland is one of 13 worldwide delegations that extend from the Saint-Gobain central group, headquartered in Paris. Our values form the basis of the Group’s culture and inform our actions each day. They have been enshrined in our Principles of Conduct and Action.


The Group is signatory to several United Nations social and environmental commitments. In December 2015 Saint-Gobain was an official partner to the Global COP 21 negotiations and we strongly support the need to limit global temperature rises to below 2°C. We believe we have an important role to play in supporting this aim. 


Saint-Gobain partners with a range of organisations to help raise awareness of business suatainability issues. We actively participate in task groups, government departments [through secondments], NGO's and charities to be an active participate in related CSR activities. Read about our partners, here.


  • A positive vision for CSR, together with policies, objectives and standards describing the minimum requirements all Saint-Gobain businesses and sites adhere to are set centrally.
  • In the UK & Ireland, a CSR Working Group, led by our CSR Director has board-level responsibility for CSR, and manages and directs CSR strategy and performance.
  • Working Groups, on key topics, including: water, waste, energy, wellbeing, customer training and sustainable sourcing bring together experts across our business to share best practice and lead local business activity.
  • Champions, in our businesses are responsible for engaging colleagues on their subjects.
  • Our external advisory panel, brings together experts from outside of our business to give feedback, and challenge us, on our progress. Read about the panel here.

Responsibility for and governance of CSR can be summarised as follows:


Saint-Gobain openly and transparently reports on CSR progress at all levels of our business, download full Reviews below:

Our Stakeholders

Gaining valuable perspectives
Across our whole value chain.

Policy makers. Suppliers. Trade associations. Employees. Customers. Local communities. NGOs. Saint-Gobain understands the importance and value of engaging with all stakeholders.

Engaging with our stakeholders

In the UK and Ireland, Saint-Gobain plays an active role in engaging with diverse stakeholders, both upstream and downstream. Our stakeholders bring a breadth of knowledge and skills that support our CSR activity and business success. They include:

  • 2,000,000 customers
  • 25,000 suppliers
  • 16,750 employees
  • 175 trade associations
  • 1 independent advisory panel
  • 5,000 Innovation Centre visitors
  • 70+ college and university partners
  • Local communities at 60 manufacturing and 1000 distribution sites

When we engage, we do so openly and collaboratively and use the perspectives we gain to develop solutions to the challenges we face in business and in the wider world.


Ways we engage

Surveys; online stakeholder consultation; training events; courses
Supplier Charter; ethical questionnaires; site visits and audits
Surveys; networks; training
Trade associations
Board membership; consultations; meetings; conferences
Advisory panel
Face-to-face meetings twice a year
Innovation Centre Visitors
Events, training, CPD courses
Academic partners
CPD courses; joint initiatives
Employee fundraising and volunteering events
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