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The most important thing about BIM is information

The most important thing about that information is ensuring that it is accurate and that everyone in the design, construction and maintenance chain has access to the same information.

In Level 2 BIM products are described by 3-D geometry and by their accompanying technical information. It is the addition of this data that differentiates Level 2 BIM from earlier iterations.

With BIM Level 2 legislation in place, BIM is an official requirement on all centrally procured public sector developments in the UK. Saint-Gobain centrally will provide complete access to the BIM objects and digital product data of every construction product brand.

Building Information MODELLING

Is a business process that allows all stakeholders to have access to the same information at the same time through seamless interoperability between technology platforms.

Building Information MODEL

This the output of the business process, a virtual computer model of a project that holds selected data (e.g. design, quantity, time, cost, asset etc).

Building Information MANAGEMENT

These include centralised and visual communication, early integration of other disciplines, site control, as built documentation etc. The ‘Government Construction Strategy’ details “Building (asset) Modelling Information and Management”; stressing the importance of BIM in facilitating a parallel process to incorporate post occupancy requirements – effectively developing a building lifecycle process and model as early as possible.

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