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Flooring reinforcement

Saint-Gobain produces a wide variety of glass veils, glass scrims and kombi with excellent dimensional stability. The flooring industry needs stability. Whether made of cushion vinyl or tuft carpet, flooring materials are prone to expand and shrink with the variations of humidity and temperature. Thanks to glass fibre materials the problem is solved and the flooring material remains flat on the ground whatever the circumstances.

Saint-Gobain Technical Fabrics (SGTF) Europe offers a wide range of reinforcement and stabilisation products, customised to your needs.

  • Residential cushion vinyl flooring: this type of flooring material usually comes in 4 m wide rolls
  • Non residential cushion vinyl floor: the flooring material has to withstand high traffic (schools, offices, airports etc)
  • High duty cushion vinyl floor: a typical example is the floor of the corridor of a bus, an airport or a sports hall. It needs extra strong reinforcement.
  • Carpet tiles: those are usually meant for offices where there is a lot of wear and tear. They need to remain flat.

Companies specialising in Flooring reinforcement

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