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Greenworks is our single source for alternative heating, hot water generation systems including solar panels, wind turbines, high efficiency boilers, water saving devices, air/ground source heat pumps and underfloor heating systems from all the major brands.

Renewable energy

Solar energy

The sun radiates an immense amount of energy to the Earth. If it could all be tapped, the amount of solar radiation that reaches the globe every half hour would be enough to meet worldwide energy consumption requirements for an entire year.

Greenworks supplies three types of solar panel technology:

  • Flat plate collectors
  • Evacuated tube collectors
  • Photovoltaic panels

Wind energy

Wind represents a vast source of energy that has already been harnessed for hundreds of years. The UK has the largest potential wind energy resource in Europe and wind power is currently one of the most developed and cost effective renewable energy technologies.

The modern wind turbine is quiet, simple to run and available in different sizes, depending on the required output. A small unit can attach directly to the roof and larger units will have their own support post.

Sun tunnels

Using natural light reduces the amount of energy required to provide lighting, thereby reducing CO2 emissions. We offer a range of rooflights and sun-pipes that allow light into almost any building.
Sun tunnels can be fitted onto slate and tiled roofs and are available with a rigid or a flexible tunnel.

Ground source heat pumps

Ground source heat pumps use solar energy naturally stored in soil, bedrock and groundwater as a heat source. They do require electricity to operate, but efficiently produce up to five times as much heat energy for every unit of electricity they use.

For ground source heat pumps you will need a different cylinder to those traditionally used in the home as these need to become more of a heat store, therefore making them bigger in size.

Air source heat pumps

Air source heat pumps convert the energy created by the outside air into heat, giving a comfortable temperature inside the home and reducing heating costs by on average 50% compared to traditional systems.

Exhaust air heat pumps provide hygienic air inside the home, whilst capturing heat energy from lighting, people and domestic appliances, and recycling it.

Expert advice and training

In addition to the products marketed, Greenworks offers expert installation advice and has also facilitated the launch of a training academy. This provides specialist training for tradespeople to enable them to install sustainable solutions and renewable technologies.

Companies specialising in Renewable technology

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