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Uniquely positioned to deliver across the solar chain, from the design, manufacture and supply of high technology components for photovoltaic modules to manufacturing and distributing crystalline and thin film technology based CIS (Avancis) modules.

In addition to traditional photovoltaic solutions, Saint-Gobain Solar manufactures and integrates innovative photovoltaic systems in houses and buildings with an exclusive design.

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SG Solar Powermax® (Avancis): thin film


Black optic thin film delivers aesthetics with outstanding performance, even in low light conditions, for larger domestic roofs and nonresidential applications.


A thin film CIS (Copper Indium Selenide) technology module. In September 2011 Avancis Powermax® held a world record of 15.8% efficiency for CIS solar panel (30 x 30 cm2 model). This is an improvement over the last world record of 15.5% efficiency set in January 2011 by Avancis. It offers better performance in kWh output at low light conditions, with outstanding aesthetics.


Produces energy from renewable source and reduces the energy payback time by half compared to crystalline modules.


    • Outstanding aesthetics – homogeneous black appearance

    • Highest efficiency with respect to other thin film technologies (Wp/m”).

    • Higher output (kwh) in low light and poor weather (especially UK), generating more electricity and more Feed in Tariff payments

    • A wide range from 110 wp to 135 wp.

    • High earnings, maximum power, best quality, high end design, heavy snow load and easy installation.

    • 10 years and 3 months product warranty from Saint-Gobain Solar



Power warranty

  • 90% output over 10 years

  • 80% output over 20 years


SG Solar Sunlap®: solar tile system


Premium, fully-integrated BiPV tile replacement for homes, combining aesthetic appeal with powerful performance.


A photovoltaic solar tile system that is designed and manufactured to adapt easily and quickly to all configurations of roofing systems, the SG Solar Sunlap® solar tiles are available in several formats on a black background, with no aluminium framework, for a remarkable integration into all types of roofs.


All types of buildings can benefit from this solar installation system, especially residential. The system has a dual function: it guarantees roof water-tightness and generates electricity from solar energy.


    • Two-in-one roof plus electricity generator

    • Completely watertight

    • Unique ventilation mechanism for each tile to optimize performance and increase efficiency.

    • Significantly minimises power-drop caused by shading

    • Flexible - With SG Solar JustCut, dummy tiles for PV roof finishing, it allows the integration with any roof element (skylights, chimneys...)

    • Easy to install – similar to traditional clay tile installation

    • 12 years 3 months product warranty from Saint-Gobain Solar



Power warranty

    • 90% output over 10 years

    • 80% output over 25 years



SG Solar Suneka®: on roof solar module


Ideal for homes and non-residential applications, where a cost effective, highly efficient and reliable solution is required.


SG Solar Suneka is made of 3.2mm tempered high solar transmission glass and an anodized aluminium-framed module. This combination thus ensures strong protection against wear and corrosion and adequate protection against both wind and snow loads. Offering a high efficiency of up to 15.06%, SG Solar Suneka comes in three models: 60 or 72 monocrystalline cells or 60 polycrystalline cells, for a 185W to 245W power range.


SG Solar Suneka is compatible with various types of mounting system. Thanks to all its qualities, the SG Solar Suneka framed module is suitable for single and multi-family residential buildings as well as commercial and industrial buildings.


    • Economical, efficient and cost-effective

    • Available in a range of power outputs, from 185W to 245W

    • Compatible with both on-roof and simplified Building-integrated PV (BiPV)

    • Reduces loss of power due to shading by maximising diodes

    • 12 years 3 months product warranty from Saint-Gobain Solar



Power warranty

    • 90% output over 10 years

    • 80% output over 25 years

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