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A new brand, a new era and a new vision

A new logo and a new chapter

In 2016 Saint-Gobain launched its new brand and logo.

This logo is an expression of a new chapter for the Group based on a new brand strategy more tuned to meet today's challenges.

Digital Technology is changing how we engage with our customers. So today we want to connect more closely with end users, the people who occpuy the buildings where our range of solutions are used. Whether they are people at home, at work or on teh move, Saint-Gobain materials contribute to individual wellbeing and to our collective future. They combine comfort and sustainability and above all improve people's daily life. This renewed focus is at the core of Saint-Gobain's brand story.

A new mission

To create great living places and improve daily lives.

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What's behind the new logo?

From the creative director, Laurent Borderie:


"It was a major challenge to rejuvenate the brand and logo by conserving the bridge and placing more emphasis on buildings and innovation. The design we proposed features a coloured 'skylive' whilst also being faithful to the bridge symbol. The bright colours represent Saint-Gobain's component parts [green for environment, blue for innovation and red for energy]. They also reflect the energy, commitment and enthusisasm of Saint-Gobain's employees in a changing world.

How would we sum up Saint-Gobain's new positioning?

Fabrice Didier, VP Marketing:

"It is based around a strong mission: to create great living places and improve daily life. In fact, through its materials and solutions, Saint-Gobain is present everywhere around us in daily life - at work, home or in the street. At the end of the day, Saint-Gobain delivers wellbeing to customers and end users: building occupants, users of public transport, drivers and so on".

Charles Hufnagel, VP Communications:

"Saint-Gobain is concerned about the major challenges facing society as a whole: building a sustainable future, fighting climate change and dealing with population growth. Saint-Gobain has a number of attributes to help tackle these issues: materials expertise, a culture of innovation, a deep understanding of customers and strong core values".

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