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Commenting on the recent Construction News BIM survey, Mike Chaldecott said:

“When we talk about BIM, the tendency is to focus on the technology rather than the outcomes and it is easy to forget that, as well as cost efficiency and carbon reduction, one of the goals of BIM adoption is to encourage the innovation which is vital for the UK sector’s prospects and international competitiveness in the next decade.

“So one of the most encouraging findings comes in the responses to the question: Is BIM helping you to be more innovative?

“Across the board, clients, architects and contractors all reported positively that they were either prototyping solutions in a digital environment and exploring more solutions and options with project stakeholders.

“The only area of concern is subcontractors, where over half report that BIM has not helped them become more innovative. One can only hope this is a question of timing, as the benefits trickle down the supply chain to the subcontracting sector.

“Unsurprisingly, companies with over 500 staff are seeing more innovation but it is also encouraging that innovative practice was spread across a wide range of project sizes, with infrastructure projects being the sector where BIM is enabling most innovation.

“In line with the overall survey, the results are mixed across sectors and organisational types but generally encouraging. Many organisations are still dealing with the practical implementation of BIM and they should go on to see the benefits in terms of collaboration and innovation in the next two to three years. At Saint-Gobain, we believe it is now also important to invest in expanding the functions and benefits of BIM to assist all aspects and clients in the construction industry.”


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