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Today, consumers want to get to know the brands they live with, and to connect with them on a more personal, emotional level. The way consumers view brands is also evolving, and this is why it’s important to evaluate brand equity on a regular basis.

Here are a few things to consider:

  1. The rise of digital Digital is making changes to the way we do business with our customers. Access to information has empowered people all along the value chain, and this means we need to engage with a broader range of influencers than ever before, including end users.
  2. Information sharing We know that strong brands drive customer preference. At a time when prices and technical information can be easily compared, brand drives differentiation.
  3. Potential employees People want to work for a brand they know and trust, and have confidence about its value and purpose. Employees and candidates are looking for meaningful work that makes a difference to daily life, and this is why brands must increase their visibility to potential candidates.

Is your brand built to withstand the demands of the modern consumer? It’s important to invest time and effort in your brand to ensure it is evolving alongside social changes. After all, brand equity is a key asset to any organisation, and can influence many business outcomes, including your bottom line.

To find out about Saint-Gobain’s brand evolution, watch this video.


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