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Saint-Gobain UK and Ireland, the world leader in the habitat and construction markets, has released its Corporate Social Responsibility Review for 2016.


The Review highlights Saint-Gobain UK & Ireland’s progress in response to the challenges facing the industry. The Review focuses on the company’s CSR commitments: Changing how we build for the better, for the future; Caring for the Environment we operate in; Supporting and developing our people; and Connecting with communities and supporting their economic development.

Amongst the main achievements is the reduction in the CO2 emissions generated by electricity use from 180,330 tonnes in 2015 to 13,560 tonnes in 2016, as a result of a change to renewable-only sourced electricity in 2016 for all UK operations.

The company has also reduced the amount of production waste sent to landfill by 11% – from 10,493 tonnes to 9,319 tonnes in 2016. The majority of our sites have already achieved zero waste to landfill.

Plus, 100% of Saint-Gobain’s largest sites achieved ISO14001 and a further 6% of its retail sites [73% in total] have also achieved this Environmental Management Standard.

The improvement in the overall health and wellbeing of its employees is reflected in the company’s absence rate, which dropped to below the target of 2% in 2016, moving from 2.12% in 2015 to 1.88% in 2016.

Saint-Gobain has also undertaken a significant amount of customer training in sustainable buildings. Cumulatively over four years 80,443 hours of customer training in sustainable buildings has taken place. This figure demonstrates good progress towards our ultimate goal of delivering 250,000 hours of customer training between 2013 and 2020. Plus, through the Thistle Partnership, Saint-Gobain has trained 19% more students/apprentices in 2016 than 2015 – a total of 4,727.

Commenting on the company’s achievements, Mike Chaldecott, General Delegate for Saint-Gobain UK & Ireland, said: “We’re very pleased that this Review reflects our daily efforts to make a difference in the way we operate in the industry. We will continue to strive to reduce the environmental impact of our activity, as well as developing our employees and our local communities.”

 “Our goal is long-term sustainable improvements and there are still specific areas where we need to do better, for example, to meet the growing demand for our products we are using more energy and water. Our products when installed do have huge benefits for energy efficiency and avoidance of CO2 yet, we are still focussed on the challenge to decouple resource use and production growth.”

“This transparent CSR snapshot is an honest look at our progress and where we are in relation to where our ambitious targets need us to be. Feedback is an important part of this process so I do hope you enjoy reading this review and if you have any comments please get in touch with us and share these.”

Feedback is important to us and your thoughts are welcomed on this snapshot. Please send these via email to:

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