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Leaders in Sustainable Habitat

Buildings have a big impact on our planet, and society at large. Our vision is to be THE reference for Sustainable Habitat and Construction, enhancing our habitat and everyday life.

At the forefront of the building revolution

The built environment is undergoing a revolution as the demand for buildings to perform more efficiently, reducing their impact on the planet and providing comfortable, efficient places for people to live, work and play becomes greater.

At Saint-Gobain, we provide a wide range of solutions that make buildings more efficient and comfortable making a positive contribution to people's productivity, health and sense of wellbeing. Most of our solutions (especially those using glass, mineral wool insulation, PIR Insulation, plasterboards, and façade and floor covering mortars) are already helping defining how buildings can be constructed to create energy efficient, comfortable buildings.

Buildings have a major impact on our Environment

Not only do buildings contribute significant to global carbon emissions [especially in their 'use' phase], but they consume significant natural resources and waste. For these reasons, Saint-Gobain is committed to playing a leading role in creating sustainable buildings and introducing circular economy principles into its product streams [for example, collecting and recycling glass from old windows, and waste plasterboard, and reusing that material to produce new glass for windows and new plasterboard].


Tomorrows' Habitat

Increasingly our buildings will be focused on every dimension of comfort. Buildings will be constructed to meet the ever greater expectations of developers, owners and occupants.

Read the World Green Building Trends Report 2016, partnered by Saint-Gobain, here.

For the Occupants -owners or tenants:

Buildings will make a positive contribution to your productivity, health and wellbeing. They will keep you safe and protected from the negative aspects of the outside world, including noise from the road, or neighbours. They will be designed to manage light better, improve air quality and be thermally efficient - maintaining temperatures all year round, and save occupants money on energy bills.

For the owner and developer:

They will be buildings that demand better yields and sale prices, have lower running, maintenance and design and construction costs and will be easier to gain finance for.

Solutions for digital construction

More and more is being expected of buildings as we enter a new era of designing buildings, digitally, through BIM [Building Information Modelling]. Pressures for economic growth, balanced with the need to manage public finances, and significantly increase the levels of housebuilding means that buildings need to be built quicker, with lower costs, and less waste. 

This requires new solutions, capable of meeting these challenges, without compromising on performance and quality.

Saint-Gobain provides building envelope solutions, designed in detail, using expertise and know-how from many of our trusted brands. These solutions, are backed by Saint-Gobain's unique breadth and our investment in research and development. 

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    World Green Building Council Report

    Download the World Green Building Council 'Business Case for Green Buildings' Report - containing research and information about the benefits of 'green' buildings.

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    BIM Basics Guide

    Download a guide on Building Information Modelling [BIM] from Saint-Gobain.

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    Learn about how the Saint-Gobain Initiatives Foundation supports projects in the UK & Ireland.

Supporting industry change

undefinedSaint-Gobain works in close collaboration with a range of partners to help inform and shape the future of sustainable buildings. As a Gold Leaf member of the UK Green Building Council [UK GBC]. Saint-Gobain uses its expertise and knowledge to support the UK GBC by participating in working groups that include future built environment policy, BIM, sustainable building financing and many other areas.  Read and download recent publications from the UK GBC here. Saint-Gobain also works closely with other organisations including: The Passivhaus Trust and the Zero Carbon Trust to develop greater understanding, evidence and knowledge about the importance of creating sustainable, high-performing buildings.

undefinedSaint-Gobain supports voluntary certificates for buildings based on labels such as BREEAM. These labels support the widespread introduction of more sustainable buildings and guide developers, and architects in designing buildings. Saint-Gobain's products and solutions help developers and architects to achieve building certificates based on strong environmental credentials. To support this Saint-Gobain uses Life-Cycle Assessments [LCA] for assessing the environmental footprint of our products and solutions. After products are assessed, an Environmental Product Declaration [EPD] is produced to communicate the environmental data produced by the LCA.

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