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AECB Certified Passivhaus Designer Training Courses

Guiding you through becoming a certified Passivhaus Designer or Consultant - giving you the confidence to tackle UK Passivhaus projects

Who is this course for?

  • Aimed at building professionals in the UK: Architects, Builders, Building Engineers and others who want to learn how to deliver real low energy buildings
  • Introduces the principles behind the Passivhaus standard and methodologies and the use of the Passivhaus Planning Package (PHPP) for achieving low energy performance
  • The course can be taken as individual modules, or as the full two week course (see course overview below)
  • Course locations: Plymouth, London & Hereford

Course Material

  • UK focused – 100% rewritten – rather than the European CEPH material taught by others
  • UK examples – from the UK domestic and non-domestic sector
  • Up to date – we continually update our material and teach V9 PHPP
  • Exercises lots of exercises used to continually affirm and test understanding



Course Overview

Fundamentals of Passivhaus (1 day)

This course introduces the principles behind the Passivhaus standard and methodologies for a variety of building types and the use of the Passivhaus Planning Package (PHPP) for achieving low energy performance.

Science of Passivhaus (2 days)

This course addresses the fundamental physics of heat loss and gains and shows how each of the required values can be calculated. It looks at what is necessary for thermal comfort. It deals with the energy balance of windows, and the balance of the whole buildings, and how to calculate the remaining heating requirement. It also deals with primary energy requirement for the whole building, ie hot water, appliances and lighting. This is a course for those who want to understand the Physics of energy in buildings.

Construction of Passivhaus (1 day)

How do I build a Passivhaus? How is it different from normal construction? This course answers these questions along with some specific guidance on achieving the standard of airtightness and thermal bridge free construction required by the standard. It also looks at the contractual side and suggests ways that care in the allocation of responsibility can help achieve your goal.

Building Services for Passivhaus (2 days)

The course majors on all aspects of ventilation design, from concepts through to calculation. It then moves on to the choice of heating system, the provision of hot water, and calculations of lighting appliances and Primary Energy, with reference to the inputs required in the Planning Package for Passivhaus (PHPP).

PHPP (2 days)

This practical hands-on course will provide energy consultants, technical building designers and architects with the skills necessary to design low energy and CO2 buildings to AECB standards using the Passivhaus Planning Package (PHPP). Delegates will need to bring a laptop with mouse, pre-loaded with a copy of the PHPP software for this course.

The latest version of PHPP (Passivhaus Planning Package) and manual can be purchased from the AECB for £125 (plus VAT). Please follow this link, or ask for details when booking your place on the course by phone.

Exam and Revision (1.5 days)

The Revision course and the exam are included in the fee for the Passivhaus Designer course. Please contact us for prices for retaking the exam.


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