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We are an inclusive employer and keen to hire talented people regardless of their background, abilities, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender, national origin, what football team you support, taste in music, fashion sense or anything else that makes you, you!

We believe that working in a diverse business can be more enjoyable, teams can be more innovative, and make better decisions. We already employ many fantastic people from diverse backgrounds, but we still want to do more.

So, we are on a mission to make Saint-Gobain inclusive and accessible to all, with role models for you to look up to and learn from, no matter who you are!


We have recently created an “Inclusivity group” made up of volunteers who want to contribute to identifying where we can improve our approach to diversity and inclusion, as a business. We are reviewing multiple topics, with the intent of identifying immediate actions we can take to be more inclusive as well as longer tem efforts we can make to improve what we do. These topics include;

  • -  Recruiting for diversity, and being an inclusive employer
  • -  How we support managers – we understand that everyone is different, and not everyone is comfortable approaching the topic of inclusivity and diversity. We want to help break down barriers and support managers with this
  • -  Careers & Mobility – we are passionate about supporting our employees develop and enjoy a fulfilling career with plenty of opportunities at Saint-Gobain, so much so that we have recently launched a ‘Career development and Mobility Forum’ that meets twice every week to find, create and fill opportunities for people in our business. As part of this we would like to give though to how we can also positively impact diversity and be more inclusive.

We have set goals and are mobilising everyone at Saint-Gobain to understand what we are doing, why it is important to our business success and how they can help us achieve our goals in terms of being a diverse and inclusive organisation.

Sally Rao

HR Director, High Performance Solutions & Head of HR, Saint-Gobain Professional Services UK & Ireland