Case Study

Westland Distillery



The dazzling, gigantic copper and stainless steel stills are the focal point of the Westland Distillery in downtown Seattle, rather than the single-malt whiskey itself. Due to local rules, a two-hour fire enclosure was necessary, which prevented the proprietors from displaying their equipment in the tasting room to its full potential.


Stills must be located within walls, according to regulations. The distillery was searching for an attractive solution that would allow visitors to see the inner workings of the operation. The material has to be able to block radiant heat while yet allowing for good lighting and visibility.


The three-story internal enclosure is made up of metal studs and many layers of drywall and wood sheathing. The intermittent panels of Vetrotech Contraflam 120 fire-resistant glass in VDS frames enable the wall system to exceed two-hour fire safety regulations while displaying the unique distillation process to visitors.

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