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Intrastack’s panelised, steel-frame solution is leading the way in offsite construction techniques and bringing certainty to all areas of the project process. From certainty of performance to certainty of costs, and with certainty of quality and certainty of the build programme, by choosing Intrastack you can be certain of your project’s success.



Intrastack’s compelling new panelised light gauge steel frame solution has been developed to support the delivery of multi-storey, multi-occupancy residential projects.

Steel frame construction is able to build higher than traditional build methods and is therefore highly suited to the taller buildings that house multiple residences, such as blocks of flats, student accommodation, hotels, care homes and retirement living.

By specialising in these areas, we are able to offer developers and contractors seamless solutions that are progressive, innovative and efficient, whilst being cost-effective, providing quick returns on investment, and reducing risk on-site.

We offer bespoke designs for your multi-occupancy projects. Whatever heights you want to reach, with Intrastack steel frame construction, the sky’s the limit.

Light gauge steel construction can deliver fast, adaptable and cost-effective buildings at multi-storey heights.

The Intrastack offer is designed to further enhance these strengths through the application of off-site manufacturing principles. By implementing Intrastack, the need for teams to deliver on-site construction is dramatically reduced, alongside improvements in quality, greater speed of installation and lower risk. 

Designed with our customers in mind, Intrastack's solution can be adapted to suit each project. We understand the complex requirements of each build, and provide a simple solution that allows individuality without the associated difficulties and costs of a one-off structure.


The Intrastack solution includes pre-assembled structural components for walls, floors and roofs, available in open and closed panel options.

Through our flexible design and manufacturing approach, we have the ability to work across multiple LGSF technologies, enabling us to optimise the load-bearing structure for each project.

We pre-stage your delivery, making sure your panels are delivered and erected in sequence, ready for the follow on trades. We can work with your preferred installer partners, or we can recommend installers with extensive experience in delivering light-gauge steel frame structures, from our own network of experts.  

When considering the advantages of a lightweight steel framed system, the following benefits should be taken into account: 

Speed  -  An Intrastack steel framed building can be constructed up to 50% faster than a traditional structure, leading to reduced site preliminaries, reduced plant costs, earlier return on expenditure and shorter borrowing periods. The rapid construction of the primary frame allows other on-site activities to begin much earlier than with a traditional construction.

Weight  - A lightweight steel frame structure can be up to 70% lighter than a traditional structure, resulting in lighter and cheaper foundations and podium structures.

Quality -  The construction of a lightweight steel frame is a dry process ,which eliminates shrinkage after construction. Steel sections do not suffer from creep, shrinkage or warping under load. Steel sections are also not susceptible to fungal or biological detrition and are not affected by insect infestations. This, along with high levels of accuracy in construction, reduce the requirements for remedial works or maintenance. An Intrastack structure also offers the option of a composite concrete floor offering a quality under-foot feel to all levels of the building.


Life span – The NHBC and other housing warranty providers accept lightweight steel framed structures as having a life span in excess of 60 years, however the predicted life span of a steel framed building with warm wall construction is over 250 years.

Fire protection and performance  - Unlike timber frame, during construction fire protection of a steel frame is not required. Once fully fire protected Intrastack lightweight structures can offer up to 120mins of tested fire performance.

Predictability during construction – A lightweight steel frame is less dependent on site and weather conditions during construction than traditional methods, this leads to fewer delays on site.

Environmental considerations – In addition to the above advantages LWSF structures are constructed using recycled materials and are in many cases fully recyclable. Due to the off-site nature of the construction site, waste is almost completely eliminated, with embodied carbon within the building being reduced by up to 20%.

Safety – When using pre-panelised, lightweight, steel-framed structures, the HSE states that site safety is improved by a factor of 5. 

Contact the Intrastack team

General enquiries email:

Andy Higson, business director: 07811 274 225;

Matthew Grant, technical project manager: 07597 001 574;

Danny Johnson, business development manager: 07894 490 580;