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Health and Safety at Saint-Gobain

World Day of Health and Safety at Work promotes the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases globally. At Saint-Gobain we consider health & safety as our number one priority.

Over the past 5 years we have seen a 25% reduction on the frequency of accidents, but it’s important not to rest on our laurels. Across our brands here in the UK & Ireland we have a high level of focus on safety behaviours and positive discussions with colleagues about task risks and safe practices – our digital tool, SMAT Connect, helps us to record and understand the nature of conversations and ‘close the loop’ on conversations between individuals and managers. It also gives us rich data that helps us understand where greater risks exist. Having a digital platform to support our on-site training has helped massively towards understanding conversations and continuing a shift towards behavioural safety and taking a proactive approach to risk management.

Conversations about how to create a safer work environment are vital to keeping it at the forefront of our colleagues’ minds every day. As an organisation we have gone back to basics, making all information and training easy to understand for our colleagues. Daily conversations around protocols are key to avoiding workplace accidents and incidents and promoting a culture of collaboration and engagement around the topic of health and safety.

In a busy working environment with lots going on it’s important to take the extra time to think about the safest and most effective way to act. World Day of Health and Safety helps to provide another reason to focus on the basics and the daily risks that colleagues face. Integrating a health and safety focus into our day to day activities, meetings and discussions also helps to put this at the heart of the business.

Putting people, conversations and positive behavioural discussions at the centre of our safety strategy and working collaboratively together between EHS specialists and operations colleagues helps us to continue to improve and progress towards our ultimate goal – zero accidents.

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