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To optimise employee health and wellbeing

The fitness profile of Saint-Gobain UK and Ireland employees is 3,030 years younger thanks to an innovative health and wellbeing programme designed in partnership with AXA PPP healthcare.

During a three year partnership with AXA PPP healthcare, colleagues at Saint-Gobain UK and Ireland have managed to reduce their physical health age by over 3,030 years collectively and 2,101 employees have gone on to reduce specific health risks related to their lifestyle, disease and psychological profiles.

Building a healthy culture for a healthy business - Saint-Gobain case study from AXA PPP healthcare on Vimeo.

The ‘Fit4WorkFit4Life’ programme was rolled out across Saint-Gobain businesses in 2014. The interactive and fun digital online employee health gateway was the first step in the journey. This software helps employees understands more about their physical and psychological condition as well as the associated health risks, allowing them to make informed decisions around how to improve their own health and wellbeing. This then led to further support through targeted screening and surveillance programmes to provide a truly 360 degree employee experience. The programme is supported by meaningful data collection and analysis to provide real insight.

Kevin Crawley, Director of Environment, Health and Safety at Saint-Gobain UK and Ireland said,

“Health and wellbeing for Saint-Gobain is a core value and something we see as anything but a gimmick. It is critical to our success and features prominently on our EHS 2025 roadmap. With 36 businesses spread across 1000+ locations in the UK and Ireland, embedding the programme was complex and challenging but worth the effort".

“We’ve definitely seen a tangible return on investment through the confidential metrics we collate and increased levels of engagement and motivation from our employees which in turn has resulted in better customer satisfaction and a happier workforce.”

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