An introduction to healthy, efficient, Multi Comfort buildings

An introduction to efficient, comfortable buildings

We spend up to 90% of our time indoors or in vehicles, so the buildings we live, work or play in everyday have a significant impact on our comfort, health and wellbeing.

Imagine a building that combines the highest level of thermal performance with excellent acoustics, visual comfort, superb air-quality and outstanding energy efficiency. Imagine a Multi Comfort building.

Imagine a building that keeps itself warm using very little energy, without the need for radiators in every room, saving you money to spend on what you like.

Imagine a building keeping your ideal indoor temperature all year round, where every wall is warm to the touch, without drafts – even on the floor.

Imagine a building which is full of natural light, without glare, where close up work is easy and colours are rich, bringing the outdoors inside making you feel good.

Imagine a building where you’re protected from the noise outside, where you can’t hear neighbours, where you can make noise without disturbing others.

Imagine a building where sounds you want to hear are crystal clear, where you can hear perfectly anywhere in the room, where you’re not distracted by background noise.

Imagine a building with a constant supply of fresh clean air, where rooms never feel stuffy, that keeps you feeling alert and awake all day.

Imagine a building that keeps outdoor pollution outside, which actively purifies the air, that removes harmful VOCs.

Imagine a building without worry of high energy bills or running costs, needing little maintenance, that doesn’t cost the earth to build, nor the environment.

The Multi Comfort building concept is designed to deliver comfort for anyone in any type of building.

We all deserve Multi Comfort buildings