Corporate Social Responsibility

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Our CSR pillars guide our actions to reduce the environmental, social and societal impacts of our activities and solutions

Corporate Social Responsibility

In a world moving towards net-zero carbon, we work in an industry – construction – that contributes 40% of the world’s CO2 emissions, half of the world’s use of natural resources and a third of its waste. So we are very aware of the important role that we need to play in helping to address these impacts.

Saint-Gobain in the UK & Ireland is part of Saint-Gobain Group who publish integrated annual reports on our performance. Since we introduced our Sustainable Development Report in 2012 in the UK & Ireland, corporate social responsibility has played an increasing role in our daily working lives at Saint-Gobain. It has matured hugely in scope as we have introduced better processes for collecting data, and we continue to make good progress. Sustainability roadmaps are now embedded in businesses and reporting is now part of our everyday actions. 



As a business we aim to address the major challenges facing humanity, namely, climate change, resource protection and inclusion. As we do this we are guided by a strong set of values. We carry out our business in compliance with our Principles of Conduct and Action and the humanist values that permeate our corporate culture. Listening, dialog, care, solidarity, trust and respect for difference are central to our commitment.



Did you know?


of the UK's carbon emissions is from operational emissions


of buildings which will be occupied in 2050 already exist


of UK emissions are directly attributable to the built environment


of carbon emissions are linked to the built environment