Climate change and decarbonising energy use

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We are committed to net zero carbon by 2050

Climate change and decarbonising energy use

Our role in avoiding climate change

Climate change is one of the major threats to our generation and future generations. Everyone has a role to play in halting climate change sea level temperature rises which will have a devastating impact on our planet and people across the world.

The Saint-Gobain Group has committed to Science Based Targets to reduce our direct and indirect CO2 emissions [Scope 1, 2 and 3] by 2030 these reductions are:

  • 33% reduction in scope 1 and 2 absolute emissions from a 2017 baseline
  • 16% reduction in scope 3 absolute emissions from a 2017 baseline.

These commitments are part of our desire to part of the solution to tackling climate change in two important distinct areas:

Our direct emissions

Firstly, in reducing our own direct and indirect emissions which come from our operational footprint and activities, and those of our suppliers and supply chain. 

Reducing carbon from buildings

Secondly, our products and solutions have an important role to play in hoping to reduce carbon emissions which come from buildings. 

Our direct impact

We are a large energy user and as such a large producer of greenhouse gases. We do not believe we are ‘locked in’ to this and have clear targets to reduce our emissions. Our operational emissions come from our 30 manufacturing plants, particularly in our manufacture of glass, plasterboard, mineral wool and PIR insulation. Our network of 1,100 retail sites also contributes to our operational emissions. Running our large fleet of delivery vehicles, our car fleet and delivering our goods to customers also causes significant direct and indirect emissions.

ISO 50001 sets the foundations of a systematic way in which we manage energy responsibly and efficiently and tackle our carbon impact. Our focus is to continue to embed the ISO 50001 (International Energy Management System Standard) into our businesses. Almost all of our large-energy using businesses have certified under ISO 50001.

We are taking action in a number of areas to reduce our carbon impact and set our course to achieve our short and long term targets.

  • Short term - 33% reduction in scope 1 and 2 absolute emissions from a 2017 baseline
  • Long term - Net zero carbon by 2050

Rebuilding our float glass furnace to reduce CO2

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