Sustainable Construction

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Our vision is to be the worldwide leader in light and sustainable construction

Sustainable Construction

Transforming light construction

A transformation is taking place in light construction, where we are establishing a clear leadership position as the industry seeks innovations that reduce materials, generate less waste and improve efficiency.

Buildings made using lightweight construction techniques have a structural skeleton made of timber, metal or concrete, to which nonload-bearing facade and partition systems are then attached. The benefits are a lower environmental footprint, optimised consumption of resources, efficient construction and high performance. Use of these techniques is growing in every part of the world and we are at the forefront.

The way that materials are being used in construction is changing, too, from using less concrete for foundations to creating brick structures without mortar.

Benefits of light construction


up to 50% less embedded carbon (1)


up to 50% fewer raw materials


up to 50% lighter than traditional construction


between 20-70% gain in productivity (2)

Source: Saint-Gobain Light construction  (1) In the building structure and envelope throughout the life cycle of the materials (2) Productivity gains in certain stages of construction (pouring of screeds, assembly of walls or facades, etc.).

Behind our walls, everything can be transformed

Every day, by innovating, designing, manufacturing and distributing eco-designed materials that are lighter, more efficient and consume less energy, all Saint-Gobain teams contribute to create more sustainable buildings.

View some of our lightweight solutions

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Thermistud™️ is a closed timber wall panel system.

weberwall external wall insulation system with brick


A fast fix, lightweight brick system.

GypLyner Xternal Saint-Gobain Interior Solutions

GypLyner Xternal

A fully tested system that works in conjunction with non-loadbearing Steel Frame System (SFS).

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