Creating better buildings

Creating Better Buildings at Saint-Gobain

We help improve daily lives by creating, designing and advocating for building solutions that improve the performance and comfort of buildings

Creating better buildings

The construction sector is responsible for 36% of the world’s energy consumption, 37% of greenhouse gas emissions, 40% of solid waste production, and 50% of natural resource use. So we face an environmental, economic, and societal challenge that forces us to address a key issue: how to renovate and build faster and cheaper but, above all, more sustainably?

We have a clear vision of being the leader in light and sustainable construction. This means that we have the capability – and the responsibility – of making a significant contribution to the sustainability of buildings.

This includes existing buildings as well as new buildings. It also encompasses our own sites and facilities, where we are working to reduce environmental impact, as well as the embodied carbon of our products.

The challenge

Construction is undergoing a period of transformation to meet the demands of a changing society. To support this change we continue to focus on how our products, solutions and expertise can be used to support and help accelerate these changes.

Around a quarter of the UK’s emissions are directly attributable to the built environment, and nearly a fifth of the country’s carbon footprint is made up of the energy needed to heat, cool and power our buildings.

We can make a contribution here: by developing lower carbon building materials and innovative construction techniques, and through creating new homes, and retrofitting existing homes, to make them more energy efficient to run and pleasant to live in.

To meet Paris Climate Agreement targets, the global average building energy intensity per unit of floor area needs to be at least 30% lower than in 2018 to avoid dangerous climate change by limiting global warming to well below 2°C and pursuing efforts to limit it to 1.5°C.

Save up to 20% of labour time

Using our products can lead to a 70% reduction in energy bills

Up to 30% of energy lost in a building is through the roof and attic

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Solutions that improve wellbeing and reduce carbon from buildings

We have developed a range of solutions and services that meet the needs of our customers and society at large. At the heart of our strategy is the creating of solutions that enhance the comfort and performance of all types of buildings. We believe that a high-performing building fabric is essential to ensure buildings are energy efficient, saving carbon and energy costs, well lit, air tight and well ventilated, and effectively manage acoustics. When designed in this way, buildings have a positive impact in many environments improving occupants wellbeing as well as improving healing in hospitals, results in schools and productivity in offices.

Our solutions combine together to offer customers the widest range of solutions to improve wellbeing and building performance.

Our solutions address energy losses

Around 80% of the buildings that will be occupied in 2050 already exist. Reducing carbon emissions from these is a priority.

When it comes to renovating a building to become low energy-efficient, our solutions can address the vast majority of the requirements, for example preventing heat loss from walls, roofs, windows and flooring. Using our products can lead to a 70% reduction in energy bills – taking a building from a G energy rating to a C rating – and the cost of using them can be paid back within five years.

With UK housing stock in significant need of renovation to improve energy efficiency, many builders and homeowner are relying on our products and solutions.

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