Case Study

Liverpool House Renovation

Project manager
Penny Lane Builders
Marianne Heaslip


Leca® Insulation Fill was used in the refurbishment of a Liverpool terrace house with three bedrooms. This project involved updating and renovating the building to increase comfort levels while lowering fuel costs and carbon emissions and making it a more energy-efficient residence.


This project involved upgrading and refurbishing the home to make it more energy efficient, resulting in lower fuel expenditures and carbon emissions while boosting comfort levels.


Local contractors Penny Lane Builders (PLB) used almost 20m3 of Leca® Insulation Fill to cover the whole ground floor of the home. Leca® Insulation Fill is a lightweight expanded clay insulation that normally reduces foundation time by hours. The innovative pneumatic supply option sped this process, completing the ground level in 45 minutes. When the material was transported as an aggregate, it naturally compacted to find its position, increasing delivery efficiency.

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Client's Words:

“I've known about Leca for years -  possibly during my studies at CAT, when researching for work I was involved in on the 'Retrofit for the Future' programme. I've used it and specified it on other projects - though normally in the 50L bags, and sometimes also for chimney fill. This is the first time I've seen it blown in from a truck!”