Case Study

One Central

Dubai World Trade Centre


One Central is an award-winning commercial complex situated against the renowned skyline of Dubai's Central Business District. The site is a crucial development situated at the intersection of international commerce, finance, and business. One Central is a huge business sector that includes over 150,000 square meters of office space as well as a rising number of hotels, restaurants, and cafés.


Aside from life safety, one of the most essential goals of fire protection is to preserve operational continuity. Most high-rise skyscrapers, particularly those with mixed-use spaces, feature a lift shaft in the center of the structure and employ glass doors and partitions in the lift lobby on each floor. When the lift lobby is not "compartmentalized" with fire-resistant doors and partitions, flames and smoke travel to all levels of the building via the elevator shafts. Because of the huge pressure differential within the shafts, they function as chimneys, and the fire spreads quickly throughout the building.


In One Central, the lift lobbies are compartmentalized using Forster Fuego Light fixed partitions fitted with CONTRAFLAM 60-3/4, an EI 60 fire-resistant glass from Vetrotech. The system is tested as per stringent international fire-test standards at the Thomas Bell-Wright test lab in Dubai and approved for use by UAE Civil Defense.

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