Case Study

Salesforce Transit Centre

Pelli Clarke Pelli
Project manager
Greenlite Glass


Light columns, a structurally expressive skylight and walkable glass floor combination that lets sunlight into the building, give the ground floor of the Salesforce Transit Center, San Francisco's new central hub for public transportation, a bright, lively, and welcoming feel. The largest of these columns, found in the main public area of the transit center, Grand Hall, serves as a light source that extends down two stories to the train platforms.


With regard to a fire-rated glass floor and skylight, the architects Pelli Clarke Pelli set the highest standards yet for this project. These included a 2-hour fire rating, blast and seismic resistance, live loading for foot traffic, and waterproofing.


An inventive solution involving horizontal fire-rated glass, structural glass, and spacers with airgaps was created and put through a rigorous testing process by Vetrotech and Greenlite Glass Systems Inc. to prevent the need to replace glass because of dirt and condensation problems that would arise with foot traffic and the outdoor environment.

The transit center was the target market for the CONTRAFLAM LITEFLAM-XT-120 system, a walkable glass floor and skylight that is fire-rated. CONTRAFLAM LITEFLAM-XT-120, the only exterior multi-panel system to pass all tests and meet all requirements, enables the light columns to fill the Grand Hall with natural light.

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