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Paul Sweeney
Project manager
Paul Sweeney
Paul Sweeney


Paul Sweeney, an entrepreneur and property developer, had high ambitions for designing and building his ideal home in Worsley, Manchester. He wished to create a timeless style and feel, but there was one item in particular that would personalize and distinguish his new home: a unique gallery to display his automotive collection.


Paul intended to develop 3D triangles for the ceiling design that would mirror the automobiles' bodywork in an eye-catching fashion. To accomplish the intended result, the sub-contractor used traditional techniques and trusted materials in novel ways to produce a wonderfully tidy and spectacular finish. They also had to deal with a variety of technical problems, such as working at heights and applying goods to the small spaces between triangles and geometric angles. Another crucial consideration was how to maintain the area and keep the immaculate polish. With the design area being technically demanding for the installer, it was critical to do it right the first time and to choose solutions that were sturdy, resilient, and low maintenance.


Our diverse materials and trustworthy formulas enabled the installer to complete the job with confidence, even under difficult and unfamiliar circumstances. Our Gyproc WallBoard 12.5mm, British Gypsum Drywall Screws, Thistle ProTape FT50, and Thistle Thin Coat Angle Bead were excellent for the project since they contributed to the geometric design's crisp, clean, and secure finish. Thistle BoardFinish is extremely durable and well-suited to moderate impact regions, thus it was the ideal answer. Its low-maintenance surface looks great and allows Paul to enjoy his property without having to worry about frequent care.



As a result, long-term connections and trust were essential throughout. From Paul's previous association with the installation George Wood & Sons to Andrew Wood's 36 years of expertise working with us, all parties involved welcomed collaboration to find the best solutions for this particular project. Working together, we created a high-performance and unique solution, as well as a wonderful location for Paul to rest, play, and relax.

The distinctive design, specification of our adaptable and dependable drylining and finish materials, and superb craftsmanship of the installation all contributed to the creation of an aesthetically pleasant, intriguing, and one-of-a-kind atmosphere in which the property developer could exhibit his finest assets.

We care about building better.

Client's Words:

“The standard of finish and quality is far beyond what I imagined. I always imagined it would be good, but this level of finish and quality is truly outstanding.”