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Statue of Liberty Museum

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Statue of Liberty


The Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in New York. Since May 2019, its origins, history, and significance have been displayed interactively at the newly established Statue of Liberty Museum. It was designed by FXCollaborative architecture New York and spans around 2,400 square meters. It is positioned at the other end of Liberty Island, behind the Statue of Liberty. It replaces the old museum, which was situated in the former Fort Wood at the base of the monument.


The room-high windows were to be made with special glass to avoid bird mishaps. The client and architects prioritized sustainability.


To prevent bird strikes, the room-high windows were fashioned with special glass. The client and architects prioritized sustainability. The building's high position, as well as the usage of saltwater-resistant materials, are meant to guard against storm surges. Visitors to the walk-in green roof may enjoy a panoramic view of New York Harbor as well as Manhattan.
The exhibition rooms' ceiling-high windows are composed of 380 m² of COOL-LITE XTREME70/33 II on DIAMANT Glass, reducing energy usage for cooling in summer and heating in winter. Visitors benefit from extremely bright rooms due to the abundance of daylight.

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