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Why Saint-Gobain Is Committed To Making The World A Better Home

Why Saint-Gobain Is Committed To Making The World A Better Home

We recently launched our new purpose; Making the World a Better Home. Hear from our CEO, Mike Chaldecott, on why this is essential to our future, and how we're embedding this into our organisation.

Change is coming to Saint-Gobain, it’s a fact.

As part of this transformation, we’re so proud to announce Saint-Gobain’s new purpose; Making the World a Better Home.

As a business we have been asking ourselves: what is the reason for the way we do things and what is our contribution to the world and our role in society?

These are big questions and ones we’ve taken time to think about. In our quest to realise our purpose we collaborated with more than 15,000 of our colleagues across the globe in almost 600 workshops.

I spent a lot of time in these workshops talking to our colleagues; asking what it meant to work for Saint-Gobain and the feelings it engendered. We talked a lot about giving back to our communities. These discussions have been a step-change in our culture – radical in some ways; it was truly touching to see the way our colleagues engaged.


Our collective approach has resulted in our bold and ambitious purpose: Making the World a Better Home. Yes, it’s a grand statement but it’s something that we believe is achievable and, more importantly, essential to our future.

Saint-Gobain help to improve daily lives by creating, designing and advocating for building solutions that improve the performance and comfort of buildings. We do this, with our partners, to create new products and systems to meet our customers’ and societal needs, reduce carbon and improve wellbeing for all. This is central to our purpose.

Wherever we operate, we want Saint-Gobain to be known for being responsible and ethical – be that in our sourcing of products, our employment practices or through open dialogue with our communities.

We’re already working hard to meet our purpose with a number of activities across our businesses and brands.

For example, since 2018 we have supported the Barnardo’s YouthBuild Academy. It plays an important part in providing care leavers to gain the necessary skills for the next generation of construction professionals to innovate and build better living spaces.

At the heart of our purpose is the positive impact we seek to have on the environment. Why does this issue resonate particularly strongly for Saint-Gobain? It’s because we know that by improving the quality of our buildings we can improve their ecological footprint.


We know that one of the biggest contributing factors to carbon emissions is all around us: buildings and infrastructure. We’re taking action by committing to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. This means that we’re developing ways to improve the energy efficiency in buildings, and solutions with a reduced carbon footprint. Our Zero Carbon roadmap, which will be released very soon, will outline our targets through a wide range of actions including on carbon, water, waste, packaging and the circular economy.

Some of our large-energy businesses are already making their mark through certification to ISO 50001. This standard has helped us to manage our energy use responsibly and to tackle our carbon impact. We’ll be embedding this into all of our businesses. To support our carbon reduction aims we’ve already switched our electricity purchase to renewable-only sources, we're rolling out LED lighting in our stores and sites and we’ve made good progress in reducing waste to landfill with recycling schemes in Saint-Gobain Glass and British Gypsum.

There’s so much more to come. The scale of our purpose brings great challenges but our 350 years of history and our collective strength empower us to work towards this, by addressing the major challenges facing humanity, namely, climate change, resource protection and inclusion.