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How smart homes can support you for your whole life

Smart technology can go a long way in making home life easier for residents of all ages.

“Alexa, play a bedtime story!”

The popular voice assistant wastes no time, and the room is swiftly filled with the warm and comforting voice of Jim Broadbent narrating ‘Paddington Races Ahead’. My daughter snuggles down to relax, finally drifting off to sleep.

Paddington Bear isn’t the only one racing ahead.

As the pace of modern life accelerates so does the technology we enlist in our homes. A host of innovative products and technology is working hard to make our lives a little bit easier.

Controlling properties through smart technology can make your home run more efficiently. A self-build smart home equipped with heating, lighting, appliances, and electronic devices that can be controlled at the click of a button – on your smartphone or laptop – can help occupants to lead hassle-free lives.

In a world where convenience is everything smart technology is genuinely improving the quality of our home lives; from families juggling a daily routine with kids to caring for elderly parents.

Smart technology
Alongside a host of high quality materials and solutions, smart technology will help to future proof your self-build home and will offer self-builders’ convenience, security, and an insight into energy consumption patterns.

New parents and families
Modern home automation can make life a little easier for new parents and families. There are plenty of gadgets on the market like smart lights which replace incandescent bulbs to make late-night feeding and changing trouble-free, all accessed from an app on your phone. Smart home lighting enables you to control your lighting hands-free too – by connecting your smart lights to Google Home or Amazon Alexa. Motion sensors can be a really simple way of helping you while smart home thermostats can ensure pure comfort – keeping your home warm. A temperature control is an effortless way of checking the temperature of your home through the day and night.

Be smart: older people
The sad truth about getting older is the range of mobility and daily living challenges it presents. Smart homes can support older people’s wellbeing, safety, and independence – at the click of a button. Home automation like sensors and smart sockets for assisted living can be transformative to occupants with physical disabilities.

Smart door locks can allow for keyless entry so there’s no need for manoeuvring a tricky traditional lock while smart cameras enhance security with motion detection to alert occupants and caregivers of any issues. Well-lit areas through smart lighting, not only contribute to energy efficiency but can help to reduce the risk of accidents for those with mobility issues.

Companies like Loxone specialise in smart home technology. They provide a range of products and services to create intelligent and integrated home automation systems. Loxone's offerings include smart home controllers, sensors, actuators, and other devices that can be connected to automate various aspects of home living.