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Off-site solutions with two colleagues 2023

On the rise...

We have been admiring innovative off-site construction designs and here’s some of our top picks.

Delivering high quality buildings at speed is in demand more than ever.

From residential developments to large-scale infrastructure projects the construction industry continues to embrace offsite construction or Modern Methods of Construction (MMC).

There’s a lot to like about offsite modular construction.

Manufacturing key components like walls and floors in a controlled factory environment speeds up project timelines, lowers labour costs, reduces material waste, and can boost quality control.

Support for building this way is on the up. According to
Glenigan, a business intelligence platform, there is evidence to suggest a gradual rise in the proportion of projects employing MMC approaches. Their report shows that around 9% of new-build projects starting in 2017 employed MMC in some way. This rose to a high of 17% in late 2022, with the latest figures at 16% in 2023.


Everton Stadium
Everton’s new stadium is rapidly taking shape, and we have to say that it’s looking impressive.

The £500million Bramley-Moore Dock stadium is situated on the banks of the River Mersey – Liverpool’s world-famous waterfront.

Relocating from Goodison Park, Everton’s new state-of-the-art home signals a cutting-edge benchmark for stadium architecture.

It will be one of the most sustainable arenas in the Premier League and will accommodate 52,888 fans. Modern methods of construction have been employed – a combination of brick, glass, and steel – to overcome engineering complexities in a challenging location.

Laing O'Rourke, the main contractor, used advanced digital design and modern construction methods, creating a 3D model of around 6,000 components, to address potential issues before construction began.

Pre-cast concrete terrace units and external brickwork panels, manufactured under factory conditions were slotted into place on site – minimising waste, improving safety, and saving time.

In February 2024, the final concrete terracing panel was installed to complete the structural work within the bowl of Everton Stadium, ending 18 months of complex work since the first concrete terrace was positioned in August 2022.

And with all 1,988 double-stepped units now installed, and on schedule, all four stands of the stadium are intact. Completion of the sporting arena is expected in 2024.



College Road, Croydon
Europe's tallest modular building, College Road in Croydon, south London, stands at 163 metres tall.

Completed in October 2023, the brand-new development includes two towers - a 50-storey and a 35-storey structure - clad in a pleated ceramic facade. It offers 817 one-bed and studio apartments, with 120 affordable homes in the smaller tower.

Constructed in just 28 months, 1,725 modular units were installed around a concrete core in 40 weeks, two months ahead of schedule, thanks to Vision Modular Systems' efficient offsite solutions.

The building's design draws inspiration from geometric patterns seen in south London's architecture from the 1950s and 1960s, notably the brutalist No.1 Croydon, also known as the '50p building’ by Richard Seifert.