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Saint-Gobain acquire Brickspan Developments Ltd

Yesterday (30th April 2024) Saint-Gobain completed the acquisition of Brickspan Developments Ltd. Brickspan Developments Ltd manufacture innovative, lightweight brick façade solutions designed for the fast installation of realistic brick facades for buildings.

Reinforcing Saint-Gobain’s strategy for light and sustainable construction

Brickspan Developments Ltd is already well connected to Saint-Gobain as the Brickspan Developments Ltd brick wrap façade solution is already fully incorporated into Weber’s BBA accredited systems under the ‘weberwall brick’ name where the Weber business provides tested solutions for high performing, lightweight buildings in off-site construction, new build and retrofit installations.

The acquisition of Brickspan Developments Ltd is well aligned to Saint-Gobain’s vision for growth as the leader in light and sustainable solutions and complements Saint-Gobain’s offer for complete through the wall applications for new build construction and as part of Saint-Gobain’s energy efficient, fabric first retrofit solutions.

Brickspan Developments Ltd has one manufacturing facility near Newport in South Wales and currently employs 15 people.


“Saint-Gobain is very focussed on developing lightweight and sustainable solutions. These solutions help lower the overall carbon footprint of a building, produce less waste on site and are faster to install. This helps enhance productivity on site and speed up construction.

“We already work closely with the Brickspan Developments Ltd team. At our current experimental research home, eHome2, developed in collaboration with Barratt and the University of Salford we utilised Brickspan Developments Ltd’s brick wrap solution as part of our weberwall brick façade on our highly insulated timber frame. The fabric performance is showing how we can build high-performing energy efficient homes to meet new standards from 2025.”

Brickspan Developments Ltd’s solutions fully complement our continued focus to provide high-performing whole building solutions for walls, floors and roofs. We look forward to welcoming Brickspan Developments Ltd colleagues to the Saint-Gobain group and to them playing their part in helping us achieve our purpose to make the world a better home”