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Saint-Gobain invest in the only offsite construction software platform "KOPE"

The construction sector is at a pivotal moment, facing many challenges. The need to decarbonise, reduce waste and productivity. The demand for new skills and digitisation of design and the demand for buildings that protect health and promote comfort and wellbeing.

Saint-Gobain is committed to playing a leading role in this transformation of construction as part of our purpose to “Make the World a Better Home”.

Our investment in KOPE-the only purpose-built software platform for offsite construction will help support and accelerate this transformation. The platform allows companies to digitally integrate their products and systems into projects, which will then save designers and architects considerable amounts of time and effort when planning for projects. KOPE will also help to accelerate the adoption of light, sustainable and modern methods of construction, by showing the various impacts of different solutions. This will ultimately help to create better buildings for people and the planet, which aligns perfectly with Saint-Gobain’s vision of “Making the world a better home”.

Offsite construction is a key component when considering a more sustainable future in industry. Building systems and solutions offsite often requires less energy, produces less waste and helps create high-performing building by creating factory-precision solutions. KOPE will help to move the industry in the right direction and help designers specify offsite building solutions more easily.

Saint-Gobain are joined by other industry leaders in the investment in the only offsite construction platform, with £5.5m being raised in seed funding. On their participation in the round, Saint-Gobain UK & Ireland CEO Mike Chaldecott, commented

“We’re delighted to be working with and investing in KOPE. At Saint-Gobain our vision is to be the worldwide leader in light and sustainable construction. KOPE’s platform helps bring products together into solutions so that architects and designers can quickly assess, compare characteristics, and specify with confidence, solutions that will deliver the performance and results they need for their specific project.  This capability will help accelerate the transformation of construction and the quicker adoption of light, sustainable and modern methods of construction and ultimately help create better buildings for people and the planet. As well as investing in KOPE we will also be working closely with the business to integrate our wide range of products, systems, and our performance data into the platform so we can provide a quick and comprehensive digital specification experience for building designers when specifying Saint-Gobain via KOPE.”


To find out more about KOPE, click here.