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In the spotlight: Ecophon

With so many brands in Saint-Gobain’s portfolio we are introducing our Brand Spotlight series, a chance to discover how our businesses are making a positive impact in the way we live, work, and play. 

Kicking us off this month, Meet Saint-Gobain Ecophon.

Ecophon who?

Noise is everywhere – from the inescapable hum of the office, the beeping of the machines in hospitals or the chatter in a classroom.

A room with poor acoustics can be harmful – it can seriously take its toll on our health and wellbeing. Constant loud noise can cause fatigue, stress, and elevated heart rates. A room with good acoustics can help us to learn, work productively, and even heal.

We all know that certain sounds can change the way we feel, but can we improve our lives simply by improving the acoustics of the rooms we are in?

Yes, yes, and yes! Enter Saint-Gobain Ecophon. With more than 1,000 employees across the globe (and head offices in Sweden), they develop, manufacture and market sound absorbent ceiling and wall panel systems that contribute to good room acoustics and support a healthy indoor environment.

Hey, why not look above your head – you may be sitting under one of their acoustic ceiling panels or free-hanging units. Now look to the side – you could be viewing one of their wall panels or acoustic plaster…


What do acoustic solutions look like, I hear you cry.

Ok, so ‘acoustic solutions’ don’t sound very sexy, but Ecophon has cleverly created Ecophon Solo™ , which provides endless design possibilities in all shapes, colours, and sizes. The brand boasts easy installation, superior acoustic quality, and is moving towards net-zero acoustics. That’s what we like to hear.


Does Ecophon care about sustainability?

It’s hard not to these days. Like all of Saint-Gobain brands it most certainly does. Ecophon echoes Saint-Gobain’s mission to ‘Make the World a Better Home’.

Sustainability is very important to the brand - most of the acoustic systems are made from third generation glass wool, containing more than 70% recycled glass. The work never stops as the brand continuously works to reduce the environmental impact created from its products.


Where can you see Ecophon solutions in ‘action’?

Plenty of places! They can be found in offices, schools, hospitals, shops, industrial manufacturing premises, and many more.

Check out Winchester Science Centre where you’ll find several Ecophon sound-absorbent solutions. During Covid-19 lockdowns the team decided to improve acoustic conditions by identifying the venue’s “noise hot-spots”. Today it’s a far more enjoyable space for visitors and accessible for those with sensory impairments or sensitivities.

Students at Ulster University can enjoy the visually striking acoustic solution in their Games Design and Development Suite. Colleagues at Ecophon created a bespoke solution for the unusual triangular rooms by using four of Ecophon’s standard colours: Eucalyptus Leaf, Volcanic Ash, Sunset Heat and Silver Stone.


Winchester Science Centre
Ecophon Winchester 1
Ecophon Winchester 2
Ecophon Winchester 3

Meet some of the brains behind the brand.

Colleagues at Ecophon are genuinely passionate about the impact of sound on people. Andrea Harman is a concept developer with more than 30 years’ experience. She specialises in healthcare - researching and developing the connection between noise and well-being while investigating how the acoustic feel of a space can affect health, performance, interaction, and social inclusion.

Listen up! Martin Keogh can tell you about his time with Ecophon. This business development director has a passion for creating a positive impact for people and the planet, through the development of sustainable systems and solutions for the construction industry.


Discover more at https://spotlightonecophon.co.uk