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Spotlight on: Off-Site Solutions

Building better together, with the customer at the heart and soul of everything they do – that’s the ethos behind this month’s Brand Spotlight: Saint-Gobain Off-Site Solutions.


Saint-Gobain Off-Site Solutions (OSS) was created to help address the challenge of delivering better homes across the UK.

Today, OSS is helping to support affordable housing provision, a market sector where demand clearly outweighs the supply. Add into the mix concerns around ensuring sustainability targets are met, long-term environmental performance, the growing skills crisis, and it’s no surprise that the challenges of delivering on-time and on budget can seem ever harder to overcome.

Housing providers increasingly look to off-site construction to assist with delivery, but without specialist support, discerning between the choice of manufacturing technologies and options labelled under Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) can become a further challenge.

The rising demand for sustainable construction, a way of building to tackle climate change, preserve natural resources, prioritise occupants’ wellbeing and ensure workers’ safety, was illustrated in key findings from the recent Saint-Gobain Sustainable Construction Barometer survey.

The global survey highlighted the importance of education and awareness, opportunities for innovation and the role of policy and regulation in driving sustainable construction practices.

Enter Saint-Gobain Off-Site Solutions – a unique collaboration of four specialist brands: Intrastack, Pasquill, Roofspace Solutions, and Scotframe. The group was formed to help customers and end-users use off-site construction methodologies to deliver great places to live.

Operating from design and manufacturing sites across the UK, OSS aren’t just manufacturers of high-quality products and building systems, but also provide expertise in design, building performance and supply chain.

For OSS it’s not just about speed, although that is a core part of the off-site offer, but also cutting waste, improved building quality and energy performance, more choice, lower running costs and reduced risk. They achieve this by always putting the customer at the heart of the process.

“This customer-centric approach is paramount as we guide our customers through the switch from traditional building solutions to off-site,” explains William Frost, Head of Housing Solutions, OSS.

“Goals to deliver zero carbon buildings with true lifetime sustainability and higher standards of as-built performance are most welcome but can bring further challenges for building design and delivery through traditional construction methods.

“The UK has a challenge in delivering affordable housing targets, and we know off-site solutions can help offer some of the answers, but this needs to be embedded from the initial design stages.

“Here at OSS, we take a truly customer-centric approach, understanding our customer’s pain points and involving them in the process from the get-go,” adds William.

“We create a prospectus – a document detailing a bespoke solution – to relieve the customer’s ‘pain’, whether that’s related to speeding up the building process, reducing waste, and labour. With a full range of off-site panelised solutions in different materials, supported by a full component offer, we can work with our customers to make sure they have the technological solution that suits each project’s challenges.”

The future is…sustainable construction
OSS’s recent collaboration with Storm Housing Group and CarbonWise is an example of this methodology applied to delivering sustainable construction.

Together, Storm Housing Group and CarbonWise will construct a flagship home at Tyseley Energy Park, in collaboration with the University of Birmingham and the National Centre for the Decarbonisation of Heat. This groundbreaking project is endorsed by a £20million funding grant secured by the University, underpinned by Saint-Gobain Off-Site Solutions’ extensive product range and wealth of experience.

“There’s a real gap in sector knowledge around off-site manufacture and we’re here to plug that gap,” adds William.

“Many of the technologies commonly referred to as MMC aren’t new, but our approach is unique, and we are confident that we can provide our customers with the support and technical knowledge to deliver their projects.

“We are constantly assessing our offer, piloting new solutions, and talking to our customers to ensure we deliver what the market wants and needs.

“What sets us apart is our transparency, our ability to educate our customers and provide training across all our brands and offer the full breadth of Saint-Gobain’s UK and Ireland solutions and products, not just OSS.

“It’s a holistic approach coupled with innovation, whether that’s our services or approach. We are committed to growing and having a tangible impact in the construction industry.”

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